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Special Metals Wiggin Limited (SMWL) operations in Hereford, England, traces its roots back to Henry Wiggin & Company, which began making speciality alloy products in 1835. In 1929 the Wiggin operations became part of the International Nickel Company (INCO Alloys) and shortly after, during World War II, the NIMONICĀ® family of alloys for gas turbine engines were created by the Wiggin research team - an essential wartime development. The present site in Hereford was established in 1954 and it became the main UK production site in 1961.

The Special Metals Corporation group of companies

Hereford, England

Hereford, England

Huntington, West Virgina, USA

Huntington, West Virgina, USA

New Hartford, New York, USA

New Hartford, New York, USA

The Special Metals Corporation group of companies was created in the latter part of 1998 when Special Metals Corporation of New Hartford, New York, acquired Inco Alloys International, including its Huntington Alloys and Wiggin Alloys divisions. In 2006, Special Metals Corporation became a part of Precision Castparts Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal components and products. With a history of alloy technology now going back some 100 years, our company continues to provide solutions to difficult materials problems through such time-tested products as our world-recognized INCONEL ®, INCOLOY ®, NIMONIC ®, UDIMET ®, MONEL ® and NILO ® alloys.


Today's Special Metals is the world leader in the innovation and manufacture of high-nickel, high performance alloys. Our alloys are specifically engineered to offer a combination of heat-resistant, high-temperature corrosion resistant, strength and toughness in some of today's most technically demanding industries and applications. From heat exchangers to automotive valves, from ethylene crackers to aerospace materials, from fasteners to medical scanners, we at Special Metals Wiggin Limited offer our customers from every industry the highest-performance materials and the best quality available.

Alloy Production

We produce nickel alloys in all standard mill forms, from large ingots and billets to plate, sheet, tube / pipe, bar, extruded section, wire, foil and more. Our product portfolio contains more than 100 alloy compositions, over 85% of which were developed in our own laboratories. As the innovators of such trade names as MONEL ®, INCONEL ®, INCOLOY ® and more, the only place you can purchase these materials is directly with Special Metals or via one of our recommended distributors.

Special Metals Corporation has manufacturing and research facilities in the USA, sales offices in North America and a distribution network including most of the industrialized countries of the world.

For more information about Special Metal's American Operations please visit www.specialmetals.com.

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