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INCONEL ® Alloys

The INCONEL alloy range is based on a nickel-chromium alloy, with some of the range including additional elements for specific characteristics. Each of the INCONEL alloy ranges have high levels of oxidation resistance, which is further enhanced in some alloys by the addition of aluminium.

Some INCONEL alloys possess outstanding corrosive resistance over a wide range of temperatures, whilst others have exceptional strength owing to age-hardening, heat treatment or precipitation-hardening.

INCONEL alloys are well suited to a vast range of applications and industries too numerous to list. For applications for specific alloys please refer to the product details listed below.

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If you would like more information on our INCONEL ® alloys please contact us. For enquiries on a specific INCONEL ® alloy product from those listed above please click on the corresponding link, select your product form and click 'Make an Enquiry'.

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